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Greenville Drug Crime Attorney

Arrested for Drugs? Call Our Greenville Drug Crime Lawyer

If you have been arrested for or are currently under investigation for a drug crime of any kind, take a moment to discuss your legal options with an experienced Greenville drug crime lawyer. Even if formal charges have not yet been filed, there may be much that an attorney can do to help you avoid arrest or criminal charges in the future.

At Burch Law Office, we take on drug crime cases throughout all of Eastern North Carolina. We have the resources and experience to handle virtually any type of drug crime and have handled even the most complex and challenging cases in the past. Rest assured that we are prepared to take on your case today!

Trust Your Drug Crime Charge to Us

While the most basic drug crime, possession can carry enhanced penalties you may not expect. For any drug crime, it is crucial that you retain a seasoned lawyer to take on your case.

Our firm can help with the following types of charges:

Regardless of the particular circumstances surrounding your drug crime charges, we are confident that we can provide you with the level of guidance and representation you need. Founding attorney, Timothy E. Burch, is highly experienced in handling criminal court cases, and Attorney Mark D. Stewart is a former Pitt County prosecutor ready to utilize his diverse background on your behalf.

How are drug convictions penalized?

The consequences of a drug crime conviction may vary depending on the nature of the offense and the type and amount of drug involved. A defendant may face imprisonment, heavy fines, community service, probation, mandatory rehabilitation or counseling, and driver's license suspension.

Additionally, the defendant may suffer from limited opportunities in employment and education due to a criminal record that contains a conviction for a drug offense. The severe penalties and other effects of drug charges and a conviction make it all the more important to involve a lawyer who can help you seek a positive case result.

Our Greenville drug crime lawyer can provide you with skilled defense by arguing that you were unaware of the drug's presence or lacked the intent to distribute it, depending on your charges. Further, if law enforcement went about searching and obtaining the drugs without your consent or in some other improper way, any evidence gathered by them could be rendered inadmissible in your case.

Get started on your defense by obtaining the guidance and legal protection you need inside and outside of the courtroom. Contact a Greenville drug crime attorney at Burch Law Office today!

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