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Ecstasy Charges Lawyer in Greenville

Ecstasy & MDMA Drug Crimes

Ecstasy, or MDMA, is a Schedule I substance. This is the most serious classification for a controlled substance under North Carolina law and means that a defendant will face felony charges for the possession of any amount of ecstasy. For a first offense, he or she may face 4 to 5 months in jail and fines. For a second offense or a case involving manufacturing, sale or distribution, a defendant may face years in prison and exorbitant fines. The specific penalties will vary depending on whether the case goes to state or federal court as well as the exact amount of ecstasy involved.

Because your freedom may be at stake in the face of ecstasy charges, one of the most important things you can do is retail legal counsel. Even taking the time to discuss your case with a Greenville ecstasy charges lawyer may shed light on the matter and enable you to make the right choices about whether to involve an attorney.

Greenville Drug Crime Attorney for Ecstasy Charges

In some situations, the outcome of a case involving ecstasy charges in Greenville will come down to the actions of law enforcement officers and investigators. Although they may claim that they have hard evidence against you, an experienced attorney will know what to look for in terms of procedural or Constitutional rights violations. A mistake made while processing evidence or a search performed without a valid warrant may open the door for your attorney to file a successful motion to suppress evidence. This means that the drug evidence that was obtained unlawfully or processed incorrectly may not be used against you in criminal court. The entire course of a case may be altered by a single mistake made on the part of an overzealous police officer.

Find out more about the strategies we may be able to utilize in challenging your ecstasy charges. Contact a Greenville Drug Crime Attorney at the Burch Law Office today.
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