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Frequently Asked Questions

Drug Crimes Attorney in Greenville

Anyone charged with a drug crime generally has numerous questions about what is going to happen next.  To get the information you need, we recommend you contact a Greenville drug crimes attorney to get answers to your questions.  Below we provide you with a few common questions.

What is a drug crime?

A drug crime is considered to have occurred when law enforcement finds evidence that controlled substances and illegal drugs are found in the possession of a person who intends to use them for their own benefit, sell, distribute, manufacture, cultivate or traffic in and transport these illegal substances.  The degree of severity of the drug depends on for what purposes the drug was to be used and how much of it was found.

Do I need an attorney?

A drug crime can lead to serious penalties which includes high fines and jail or even prison time.  Believing you can beat a drug charge by representing yourself or pleading guilty can be a big mistake.  A drug conviction will follow you for years to come, affecting your livelihood due to employment issues as well as where you might be able to live or even obtaining loans.  The Burch Law Office has extensive experience in drug charges, having defended numerous client successfully.

What penalties are given for drug crimes?

Different drug charges carry different penalties.  Generally, the more drugs that were on hand and their intended use affects the penalty applied.  A first time offender with little drugs in their possession can possibly receive probation and mandated drug counseling, while a repeat offender or someone with a large amount of drugs obviously for sale, distribution, or cultivation can expect possible prison time and fines in the thousands of dollars.  Probation after sentencing will also likely follow, as can the possibility of property seizure.

How can you help me?

Our firm has successfully defended numerous clients charged with drug crimes.  With a former prosecutor on our staff, we know how the prosecution will be planning your case and can take strong measures to challenge any evidence brought against you.

Contact a Greenville Drug Crimes Attorney to get all your questions answered regarding drug crime charges.

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